Please read what our students and families have to say about us!

I have been learning Kathak for the past 10 years from my teacher Sonia Auntie at Upasana Performing Arts Center. It has been a great honor to be part of this opportunity of being connected to my culture. Being part of Upasana Dance Company, being part of the diploma and participating in the intensive workshops have brought me strong friendships and a great teacher to student relationship. Kathak itself has been a huge part of my life. Sonia Auntie is the best teacher. She is very knowledgeable in this art-form. I try my best every day to perfect my techniques and I am always excited to learn more about journey in Kathak is lifelong. - Ishani

Not only is Sonia a brilliant and creative dancer, but she also has an amazing way of connecting with each of her students individually.  Upasana has been a great asset to our community and it is a privilege for our girls to have this opportunity in Nashville. I have always wanted my daughter to learn Kathak, so Sonia, thank you for teaching Raina this beautiful dance form and inspiring her to be the dancer she is today! - Seema

I cannot express enough how we have enjoyed the recital this year. You have certainly made a difference in the community. I have always been thankful to you for the opportunity as a parent and giving Reeta such a great avenue to be exposed to the Indian culture. You have certainly influenced her more than what we are able to do as a parent 'to be an Indian' and 'be proud' of that.  Thank you for being such a great mentor for her. - Nandita

I want to sincerely congratulate you on the outstanding show last Saturday during Upasana’s annual recital. It was a treat to enjoy the poetry in movement, soulful music, compact rhythm, and swirls of colors all melting perfectly harmoniously in a mesmerizing sequence of sublime art taking the attendees to the heart of exalted spirituality.  The sincerity that you have shown and the presentation that you have so devotedly assembled will remain inspirational for the community for months and years to come.  One of the greatest satisfactions of the show was the resulting intermingling of art and spirituality that members of our next generation so eloquently crafted.  - Achintya

From the first day that I joined Upasana Sonia and her staff made me feel welcome. Sonia believes in her students and encourages them to be the best dancer she knows they can be. Not only is dance taught; but also history and the knowledge and understanding of Hindustani classical music.  I feel that it is important that students of any classical dance form have a true understanding of the art they are studying in every aspect. Not just dance. Sonia delivers that. I am truly blessed and honored to be a student here. - Monica